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Hotel Ristorante Pineta, built in 1968 and has always been run by the family Calzolari is located in Loiano, a village known since Roman times as a resting place and transit to its strategic position on the road Bologna Florence. He had famous guests like Goethe and various Popes. In its vicinity (5 km) is the 'Etruscan settlement of Monte Bibele. With the construction of the A1 everything it changed and now Loiano is a tourist area - residential appreciated by many.

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  • The Hotel Pineta restaurant, surrounded by greenery of the Emilian Apennines is the ideal place to spend a quiet holiday.
  • Completely renovated, kitchen with the flavors and typical of the area.
  • Various recreational and cultural activities in the area, such as equestrian centers, golf courses, basketball, football, tennis, cycling, mountain biking.
  • Upstream from the Hotel there is a pine forest with many marked trails and equipped for sports.
  • From Loiano you can follow different paths as cultural:
  • La Via del Pane, now Strada dei Vini e Dei Sapori (tradition)
  • the Gothic Line (2nd World War)
  • the Path of the Gods (historical route)
  • Each year also organizes various parties and festivals in the country and in surrounding villages
  • The Pineta Hotel has 27 double rooms with balcony and bathroom.
  • Available for customers:
  • a lovely garden, where to play your kids
  • a rumpus room with bar, fireplace and billiards
  • a large room for gym
  • The Hotel Pineta is ideal for everyone, in particular:
  • for the elderly for its cool climate, altitude (780 m.) recommended for the treatment of various diseases and the presence of a modern hospital.
  • For schools and tourist groups interested ale art cities such as Florence and Bologna, given the proximity between the two cities.
  • A sports groups and anyone who wants to discover the Apennines in the quiet woods, churches and ancient villages.


Double room

  • breakfast included
  • All rooms have:
  • balcony with panoramic views
  • private bathroom

Double single use

  • All rooms have:
  • balcony with panoramic views
  • private bathroom

Offers (min. 3 days)


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Many places around Loiano and the same country are almost certainly of Roman origin and that it is clear dall'orgine names that in many cases are more than names prediali by scarce archaeological finds. But it can not be excluded a more ancient origin of the town reconnecting to settlements of earlier times found not far from the city limits.
In the area of ​​Monte Bibele (largely in the municipality of Monterenzio) are the remains of the Celts un'insediamento dating back to IV / III century BC Within the municipal area were found traces even older, a burial ground Villanova, attributable VIII / VII century BC Besides sporadic finds of the Paleolithic period do not allow the identification of an area inhabited. Over the centuries the country finds itself on an important road in a border area of ​​apprima between the kingdom of the Goths and then the Exarchate between domains of powerful Ghibelline families is that of Ubaldini, Alberti, of panic, the Da Mangona and Loiani one hand, and the Municipality of Bologna on the other; and finally between the Papal State and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

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The best of Tuscan and Emiliana cuisine

The dishes are typical of the cuisine of Emilia and Tuscany: fresh pasta, mushrooms, truffles, grilled meat, crescentine.

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Spacious restaurant with panoramic views

The restaurant has a lounge with over 100 seats and panoramic view and a room with a fireplace with 12 seats.


Contact us for availability and prices by mail to: or by phone: 051 6545392.
Satellite coordinates:
Lat. 44.270064, Lng. 11.321964